Student Residencies

A unique opportunity to work with Frantic Assembly to create an original, home-grown devised performance. Our residencies provide students with an insight into how Frantic Assembly make new work in the rehearsal room. 

In a sustained workshop environment for between 3-5 days, students will work intensively with two Frantic Assembly practitioners to devise new material, culminating in a public performance, which showcases their hard work and creativity.

Engaging and nurturing your students' imagination, all participants contribute to the development process and perform in the finished piece. 

  • Work collaboratively as a professional company

  • Develop performing and directing skills

  • Use physicality to devise stories, create meaning, subtext and characters

  • Explore how Frantic Assembly generate text in devised work

  • Learn how Frantic Assembly use sound and lighting to enhance storytelling 

Our residencies are active explorations of the Frantic method of devising, which is about empowering people to be better at making theatre from a physical starting point. For this reason, our residencies do not explore suggested pre-existing texts, nor do they devise performances for examinations. 

Frantic Assembly is a recommended company on AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and IB syllabuses and is studied widely at GCSE, BETC, AS and A-Level as well as undergraduate and postgraduate studies. 

If you have any further queries about our residencies, contact our Learning & Participation Co-ordinator Maya Pindar  by emailing or call the office on 020 7841 3115.

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To receive a quote, please contact Maya Pindar to discuss your requirements by emailing or calling 020 7841 3115.  


Our residencies can be held at your school or venue. The space must be of reasonable size (approx. 10m x 10m), be warm and have a suitable floor for exercise (e.g. sprung or wooden floor). 

The performance space should be available for the full day on the final day of the residency. 


Participants must be aged 14+. 
We can work with groups of between 10 and 20 participants (even numbers are preferable).
Residencies are pitched to the level and experience of your group.

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To complement the techniques covered in 4 and 6 hour student workshops we have two exclusive resources which will be given to all teachers booking a workshop of 4 hours or more:

  • Our brand new Warm Up Resource takes you through six warm-up exercises and provides detailed aims and instructions for use in the classroom
  • Our Lifting Resource will allow you to revisit the core lifting techniques covered in our workshop with your pupils. 

Teachers who have booked workshops of 4 hours or more will be sent these resources after their workshop with us.


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I am continually amazed at how the final production always comes together. For our students the process is new, exciting and physically demanding and that is always enjoyable to watch. Thanks to all concerned for recognising that this was important for us this year. There was an element of caring that I’m sure was above and beyond the call of duty, or at least that’s how it felt.

Kingswood School, Corby 2016