Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Frantic Assembly acknowledges a responsibility for, and a commitment to, sustainability and the protection of the environment. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and reducing our carbon footprint. To meet this goal, we have worked with Julie’s Bicycle to measure the carbon footprint of our office since 2011/12. The carbon footprint of this activity includes our use of electricity, natural gas, water and consumables (waste).

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our Learn & Train programme and our touring productions and communicating our carbon reduction actions and sharing good practice with our freelance practitioners, performing companies and tour venues.

To achieve our environmental objectives, we will:

  1. Monitor our consumption and use of energy and take steps to reduce the carbon footprint of our office by 15% over three years.
  1. Measure the carbon footprint of the international travel undertaken by the core team, Learn & Train and production staff to monitor the environmental impact of Frantic Assembly’s international activity.
  1. Raise awareness internally through our action plan of the steps we need to take to reduce our carbon footprint, promoting the policy to core staff, practitioners, members of the performing company and with our landlord.
  1. Work closely with Brixton House Theatre to reduce our collective carbon footprint by taking energy saving steps and maximising recycling.
  1. Use and work with environmentally friendly suppliers and communicate our carbon reduction actions and policy to suppliers and customers.

The action plan will be communicated to our core team, practitioners, members of the performing company, freelance staff and suppliers by email, at team meetings and in the office and be included in company inductions.

This environmental policy will be published on our website and in general communications. A full annual review will take place alongside quarterly action plan reviews within team meetings.

Frantic Assembly’s General Manager, Myra Tam, will be responsible for the action plan implementation and communication.

This policy and Environmental Action Plan will be monitored annually. The policy will be reviewed every three years by Frantic Theatre Company’s Board of Trustees.