List of Current Productions

Past Productions

List of Productions

  1. I Think We Are Alone - Stream

    by Sally Abbott

  2. I Think We Are Alone

    by Sally Abbott

  3. Sometimes Thinking

    A short play by Phil Porter

  4. The Unreturning

    By Anna Jordan

  5. Fatherland

    By Scott Graham, Karl Hyde and Simon Stephens

  6. Things I Know To Be True

    By Andrew Bovell

  7. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

    A National Theatre Production. Based on the novel by Mark Haddon. Adapted by Simon Stephens

  8. This Will All Be Gone

    Devised by Frantic Assembly

  9. No Way Back

    By Frantic Assembly

  10. The Believers

    By Bryony Lavery

  11. Little Dogs

    Devised by Scott Graham, Steven Hoggett and the Company

  12. Lovesong

    By Abi Morgan

  13. Beautiful Burnout

    By Bryony Lavery

  14. Othello

    By William Shakespeare. Adapted by Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett

  15. Stockholm

    By Bryony Lavery

  16. pool (no water)

    By Mark Ravenhill

  17. Dirty Wonderland

    Devised by Frantic Assembly, scripted by Michael Wynne

  18. On Blindness

    By Glyn Cannon

  19. Rabbit

    By Brendan Cowell

  20. Peepshow

    By Isabel Wright

  21. Heavenly

    By Scott Graham, Steven Hoggett and Liam Steel. Based on text by Gary Owen

  22. Tiny Dynamite

    By Abi Morgan

  23. Underworld

    By Nicola McCartney

  24. Hymns

    By Chris O'Connell

  25. Sell Out

    By Michael Wynne

  26. Generation Trilogy: Zero

    Devised by the Company

  27. Generation Trilogy: Flesh

    Devised by the Company

  28. Generation Trilogy: Klub

    Devised by the Company

  29. Look Back In Anger

    By John Osborne, adapted by Spencer Hazel