Generation Trilogy: Zero

Devised by the Company

1997, 1998

Generation Trilogy: Zero


Five people wearing school uniforms, thick-rimmed spectacles, and blonde bobbed wigs. The three in the front are women; two behind them are men
This post is written by: Scott Graham Artistic Director

The idea for Zero was the pressure to have your life in order as the world ticks over into the year 2000.

This pre millennial angst was just about to kick in at a time when we had to ask certain questions of ourselves. Are we heading in the right direction? Are we happy? Can we construct a world around us that makes us happy? Can we make a difference or are we going to get crushed by the expectation of it all?

Five people each hold a pistol; bringing them together to point towards the camera. In their olterh hands they hold bunches of flowers

Zero was the third of the Generation Trilogy and was a harder show to make. It worked eventually but it felt like the end of the Trilogy and we were ready to make something new and possibly in a new way.

We remade it for the Zouk nightclub in Singapore which was a bizarre, exhausting and, yet, invigorating experience.