Frantic Assembly Studio

What is Frantic Assembly STUDIO?

Launching with UK schools in September 2022, Frantic Assembly STUDIO is a brand-new online subscription platform designed to support teachers and students in the study of contemporary theatre-making from GCSE upwards and, in particular, the Frantic Method, our celebrated approach to collaborative and physical theatre making.

Frantic Assembly is currently studied as a leading contemporary theatre practitioner on five UK and international academic syllabi. We have been liberating the potential of future theatre makers for over 25 years, and now Frantic Assembly STUDIO will provide even greater insight and understanding of the many roles within the industry. It will seek to bridge the gap between the professional rehearsal studio and the classroom.

“Frantic Assembly STUDIO is a really exciting opportunity to bring the drama studio and the realities of the professional rehearsal room closer together. It is vital that our worlds stay relevant to each other and can continue to inspire each other. As well as providing an unparalleled insight into the Frantic Method, I want to give teachers access to the convictions and doubts in the minds of contemporary theatre makers. This is a crucial part of the creative process, and it is seldom shared. Our ambition is that Frantic Assembly STUDIO encourages and empowers creativity for both teachers and students.”

Scott Graham - co-founder and Artistic Director, Frantic Assembly

How does it work?

Frantic Assembly STUDIO is offered as a subscription service to educational establishments. Designed to be accessible as possible to Secondary Schools, Colleges of Further Education and Universities, annual Subscription rates will start from £250.00+VAT* up to £400.00+VAT, for 12 months access**

Subscriptions can be purchased via credit card, direct debit or invoice. More details on pricing, subscription process and accessing the service will be announced soon.

*Eligibility criteria applies.

**Terms and Conditions Apply.

What's on the platform?

Conceived and led by Artistic Director, Scott Graham and created with our team of expert Practitioners, Frantic Assembly STUDIO will house an extensive library of filmed and written resources for students and teachers alike, including topics such as:

Making Work - a series of practical exercises exploring:

Warm Up - From Perry's Planks to Flirty Disco, follow our experienced practitioners as they lead you through safe, fun and effective warm up exercises; Games - Get the inside track on why games are important in the rehearsal room and which ones Frantic Assembly use as a starting point for play; Exploring The Mechanics - Practitioner led films that introduce students to the Frantic Method building blocks and the techniques we use to safely lift etc; Creating Choreography - Explore a series of different tasks and how we use these as starting points to create movement sequences and pieces of theatre; Devising - Follow two groups of our practitioners as they navigate the devising process, exploring the use of text and image based stimuli in the creative process; Text and Movement - Learn how we generate text in devising to use with movement and explore how we use movement with set text such as monologues, duologues and ensemble scenes.

Other sections will include:

The Collaborative Process - featuring interviews with leading artists and industry figures.

The Productions - an anaylsis of some our best know productions as well as access to new film and stage productions, including a brand new devised piece for the camera called TOUCH, exclusive to Frantic Assembly STUDIO.

The Method Uncovered - a series of in-depth masterclass films that consider topics such as The Principle of Building Blocks, Context and Subtext, The Presumptions (and how to apply them) and The Three Universes (and what that means).

Content will be regularly added and updated.

When does it launch?

Frantic Assembly STUDIO will be available to sign up to from the summer, in time for the start of the new academic year in September. You can register your interest via the button below to be informed when more information is released and the platform goes live.

Frantic Assembly STUDIO is supported by the Garfield Weston Cultural Fund.

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