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Many of us are still processing the extraordinary times we find ourselves in. While working out what it all means for Frantic Assembly and our Frantic family our thoughts also go out to the many people whose life, health and employment have been affected by the current crisis.

Since our touring production I Think We Are Alone and all of our Learn & Train activity was put on pause on 16th March we have been thinking about what Frantic Assembly has to offer and what we could continue to offer for the future.

We're proud to present Frantic Digital, our brand new resource designed to take you behind the scenes of the Frantic Method; sharing insights into the creative and rehearsal process (Frantic Flashbacks), practical creative tasks (Frantic Create) and fun, production related warm ups that can all be safely tried at home.

We will be adding new content each week based around a different Frantic Assembly production. We will also update the films with sub-titled versions when we have had the time to process them. Please bear with us.

We hope you enjoy the films, warm-ups and creative tasks. Why not share your creative task responses with us on social media - #FranticDigital

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

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Things I Know To Be True

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Beautiful Burnout

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