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We are thrilled to be resuming in-person workshops in schools and colleges again. We are working hard to ensure that we can return to face-to-face delivery, while also protecting you and your students. As such, all in-person workshops will follow your school's Covid-19 Guidelines and can be delivered within a socially distanced framework. Online workshops will remain available to those who are not yet ready to return to face-to-face engagement.

In-Person Devising & Physicality Workshops (aged 14+)

Our practical Devising & Physicality workshops introduce the Frantic Method of devising and the principles of working physically and give students the opportunity to experience the Frantic rehearsal room. Workshops begin with a high-energy and thorough warm-up, followed by skills exercises, lifting techniques and creative tasks. Workshops that are delivered within a socially distanced framework, will develop physical skills that explore non-contact movement and ensemble work. Socially distanced sessions will also explore creative tasks that can be developed independently or in small groups.

In-person workshops can be delivered as 2-hour, 4-hour or 6-hour sessions. Please see our rates below:

  • 2-hour workshop - £250 + travel expenses + VAT
  • 4-hour workshop - £350 + travel expenses + VAT
  • 6-hour workshop - £450 + travel expenses + VAT

We can also offer 2 x 2-hour workshops on the same day for £350 + travel expenses + VAT, and 3 x 2-hour workshops on the same day for £450 + travel expenses + VAT.

Already have some provisional dates in mind? Simply complete our online booking form below and we will process your request within 10 days.

We also offer an in-person Bespoke Year 8-9 Devising & Physicality Workshop for students aged 12-14. This 2-hour workshop will introduce your students to the basics of the Frantic Method and is ideal for students seeking to continue their drama studies. Please use this separate online booking form to request a Year 8-9 Workshop.

If you have any questions, please contact Maya, our Learning & Participation Coordinator.

Devising & Physicality Workshop (14+) Online Booking Form

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We are delighted to able to continue offering our Online Schools' Workshops - designed to explore the Frantic Method of devising and physicality within a socially distanced framework, allowing students to study and develop skills safely and with confidence.

Online Devising and Physicality Workshops (aged 14+)

This socially distanced, physical theatre workshop is about exploring absence and presence. It is about how we can conjure all of the qualities of touch, embrace and connection without compromising the advised distance needed between performers. Suitable for socially distanced learning in school or remote/home learning - delivered online by Frantic Assembly Practitioners

2-Hour Workshop - £250 + VAT
These sessions introduce the work of Frantic Assembly and explore non-contact movement and devising:

  • A thorough warm up, preparing students mentally and physically
  • Developing physical skills that explore non-contact movement and ensemble work whilst socially distancing
  • Creative tasks that can be done independently and in small groups
  • A cool down, reflection and questions

4-Hour Workshop - £350 + VAT
These sessions include the above but delve deeper into Frantic's approach to devising and physicality and allow participants to develop their own practical work further:

  • Extension on creative task both exploring physical and text-based exercises
  • Creative devising tasks and the opportunity to present work and workshop it to develop context and meaning
  • Discussion and feedback from our Practitioners on how participants can use and develop their devising work further

Online Masterclasses

We also offer 1-day Online Masterclasses for learners seeking a deeper understanding of devising & physicality. These workshops are perfect for university and higher education settings. Rates begin at £650 + VAT for a 4-hour Masterclass. For more information, please contact Maya Pindar.

Please note: Both workshops can be delivered virtually to either learners at home or socially distancing in the classroom.

These workshops will not contain touch or put any participant in a position contrary to the government health advice.


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Stay connected: We have been busy creating resources around our past productions during lockdown that you can explore here : Frantic Digital

Lots of other resources online around our shows and practice which can be found here: https://www.franticassembly.co.uk/resources

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We are excited to be continuing our programme of online training courses, including a series of Online Masterclasses and our new Online Advanced Teacher Training Course. Click below to find out what's coming up this spring.

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Our Learn and Train work is at the heart of what we do.

The accessibility of the Frantic Method has empowered and inspired people to participate, educate, collaborate and make ground breaking new work. As world leaders in devising and collaborative theatre-making we continually seek to share skills through our Learn and Train programmes.

Whether participants are students, teachers, artists or people of any age, everyone benefits from building skills, confidence, bravery and – ultimately – creativity.

Our commitment to Learn and Train has been liberating the potential of future theatre makers for 25 years and has engaged people from all walks of life. Our programmes are available in the UK and internationally throughout the year.

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