Online Teachers' CPD Course

Our Teachers' CPD Course is an online, streamed home study course that will equip teachers embarking on delivering devising and physical modules in the next academic year. The four-part course provides exercises and tasks exploring socially distanced teaching as well as the virtual classroom.

Access is by a streamed rental via Vimeo On Demand (sign up to free Vimeo account required). The films can be rented separately or as the full course, saving £25 (see below). Single workshop are available for 1 month streaming rental and the full four workshop package for 3 month streaming rental. Price includes a downloadable resource pack which accompanies each workshop.

Workshop 1 - Generating & Selecting Physicality

  • Develop ways of approaching and generating physical material.
  • Edit, rework and explore ways to use the material through rehearsal and workshop exploration

Workshop 2 - Generating and Selecting Text

  • Develop written material using the building blocks and other key strategies from the Frantic Method

Workshop 3 - Articulating & Interpreting

  • Explore meaning, story and context in material
  • Encourage and develop analytical observation
  • Hone selected material into potential performance through workshop

Workshop 4 - Ways of Staging

  • Approaches to presenting performance under socially distanced conditions
  • Approaches to staging
  • A guide to working creatively with cameras and recording for performance

Single Workshops (with resources) £50 incl VAT

Full Package (All four workshops with resources) £175 incl VAT

Teachers' CPD

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of the Online Teachers’ CPD Course is hosted on Vimeo On Demand, a quality third party video hosting and streaming service. If you experience any technical difficulties viewing the films, please contact Vimeo in the first instance.

How do I watch the films?

The course is made available via Vimeo On Demand.

You will need to create a free Vimeo account, if you don’t already have one.

Once logged in you can purchase the films you want (via credit/debit card or PayPal) and will then be able to view the films on laptop, TV, mobile or tablet.

Films will remain available for the duration of the rental period.

How long can I watch the films for?

Films are available for the following rental periods:

  • Individual film – 1 month from date of purchase
  • Full Course – 3 months from date of purchase

Can I get a receipt for my purchase?

If you did not receive a receipt from Vimeo by email, you can access from your account settings in Vimeo.

  • Log In to Vimeo using the username and password you used to rent the course.
  • Hover over your account icon (top right hand corner of menu bar)
  • Select Settings from drop down list
  • In Settings select Billing from left hand menu
  • In Billing select Purchases from left hand menu
  • In Purchases you will see a list of all the films you have rented/purchased. You can view the receipt, download or email it from here.

How do I access the Resource Pack to accompany the films?

The download link for each Resource Pack is contained within the film it relates to. The link appears at 00:27 on each film. It will take you to a private page on our website where you can download the Resource Pack as a PDF.

Troubleshooting purchases

If you aren’t able to access a title you bought, a few things may have happened with your purchase:

Has the rental period expired? Check the title’s rental period on its Vimeo On Demand page in case your rental period ended.

Is it possible that you purchased the film under a different Vimeo account? In order to access your purchase, you must be logged in to the same Vimeo account you used to purchase the title originally. If you think you need help accessing the account you used to make your purchase, let Vimeo know and they can help out.

The charge may be pending. If your billing statement doesn’t indicate that the charge went through successfully yet, it’s possible that the charge is still awaiting authorization. In this case, if the charge doesn’t go through successfully, it will eventually clear from your billing statement.

Your payment method may have failed. If Vimeo aren’t able to charge your payment method successfully, then your purchase won’t go through, and you’ll need to try making the purchase again.

If you have questions about the status of your purchase, contact Vimeo so they can take a look at their end.