We work with over 14,500 young people aged 14+ every year.

Through our engagement with young people in both the UK and internationally our Learn work aims to educate on the Frantic Method, and support the current curriculum, where we are featured on multiple syllabuses as a named practitioner.

Through this work we offer a range of workshop and residencies that support, develop and enhance learning around Physical Theatre and Devising.

In-Person Devising & Physicality Workshops (aged 14+)

Our practical Devising & Physicality workshops introduce the Frantic Method of devising and the principles of working physically and give students the opportunity to experience the Frantic rehearsal room. Workshops begin with a high-energy and thorough warm-up, followed by skills exercises, lifting techniques and creative tasks. Workshops that are delivered within a socially distanced framework, will develop physical skills that explore non-contact movement and ensemble work. Socially distanced sessions will also explore creative tasks that can be developed independently or in small groups.

In-person workshops can be delivered as 2-hour, 4-hour or 6-hour sessions. Please see our rates below starting the 1st April 2022:

  • 2-hour workshop - £275 + travel expenses + VAT
  • 4-hour workshop - £375 + travel expenses + VAT
  • 6-hour workshop - £475 + travel expenses + VAT

We can also offer 2 x 2-hour workshops on the same day for £375 + travel expenses + VAT, and 3 x 2-hour workshops on the same day for £475 + travel expenses + VAT.

Already have some provisional dates in mind? Simply complete our online booking form below and we will process your request within 10 days.

We also offer an in-person Bespoke Year 8-9 Devising & Physicality Workshop for students aged 12-14. This 2-hour workshop will introduce your students to the basics of the Frantic Method and is ideal for students seeking to continue their drama studies. Please use this separate online booking form to request a Year 8-9 Workshop.

If you have any questions, please contact our Learning & Participation team in here.

If you are interested in provisionally booking a workshop, please first complete our standard booking form with your details and we will get back to you.

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