Look Back In Anger

By John Osborne, adapted by Spencer Hazel


Look Back In Anger


This post is written by: Scott Graham Artistic Director

We were looking for a calling card. Something that could announce us and open doors for us.

We read Look Back In Anger and loved the fire in its belly and then unceremoniously adapted it.

I think we ruffled some feathers but I believe our instinct was right and we were in a way being true to that fire at the heart of it. We took risks. We had to. We needed to be different. However, it was still that recognisable angry young man railing against a world of quiet privilege.

Steven (Hoggett) and I performed in all of the early shows. We pretty much designed the lights, sound, set, did the get ins, the get outs and also drove the van.

The shows were small and powerful (like us) and had to fit in the back of a beaten up Transit Van (like us).