2005, 2000, 1999

Hymns was great fun to perform, despite being inspired by a few untimely deaths of people we knew. It was so physically demanding, being choreographed by and co-directed with Liam Steel. Four friends are reunited by the death of another friend. As they drink and reminisce it becomes clear that their relationships were not all equal and someone has a big secret.

Huge ladders ran up into the lighting rig and four men hurtled up and down them. The risk and danger exhilarated both performers and audience. Apart from the time we played the tiny Royal Exchange studio in Manchester and were banging our heads on the roof. Some of the danger was replaced by comedy that day. 

Hymns had an energy and spectacle to it that helped propel the company forward. It was still raw, maybe even naïve, but we were beginning to find our feet as a company.


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