Tiny Dynamite

By Abi Morgan

2003, 2001

Tiny Dynamite


A Frantic Assembly and Paines Plough co-production with Contact Theatre

First performed on 3rd August 2001 at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Three people embrace, and look up towards camera
This post is written by: Scott Graham Artistic Director

Writer Abi Morgan had expressed a fascination with the performance style and the onstage relationship between myself and Steven.

This was a project loosely based on that and for us, meant a return to performing.

Birds-eye view of three people, laying – with knees bent – on a wooden floor

We worked with co-director Vicky Featherstone on what was a huge learning curve for us, both as performers and directors. It was also a lesson in restraint.

Up until this point our work had become synonymous with beat beats and sweaty bodies. Tiny Dynamite was proudly delicate but no less physically considered.

Three people gaze skywards. One is sat on a table. The other has her head resting on his knee and is sat on the floo. The third person is laying on the ground; his head on the woman's lap

It was an extremely exciting creative team and a beautiful text from Abi. It was a very simple yet powerful piece. It was still and tender and hugely successful.

Tiny Dynamite was about the intricacies of an intense triangle of friends. It was about dealing with loss, forgiveness and learning to let go.


Written by:
Abi Morgan