Generation Trilogy: Flesh

Devised by the Company

1996, 1997, 1998

Generation Trilogy: Flesh


Two men. The man in the foreground points to his right and looks to be mid-word. The other man – behind him and to the left – holds the same pose.
This post is written by: Scott Graham Artistic Director

As we were getting used to the idea of ourselves as theatre makers, as performers, we began to think about the relationships we were forging with audiences.

As we were not playing distinguishable characters (even though many aspects of these characters were inventions) it meant that the relationship with an audience was direct and intimate. Our commitment to that experience led us to the idea of the audience buying us for the duration of a show.

A person stands with their back to camera, hands behind their head. A woman is knelt in front of him. We can see her hands around his buttocks and her head peeking around to the side of him

Further inspired by the Norman Tebbit advice to the unemployed to get on their bike and look for work we interviewed people about how they use their bodies for their work. This led to interviews with prostitutes that inspired much of the text.

Flesh became the dominant theme. Our flesh. Yours. Who owns it and what we are prepared to do with it.

It was dark but great fun to perform.

It was a further collaboration with Spencer Hazel. His influence in these early days was huge.