This Will All Be Gone

Devised by Frantic Assembly


This Will All Be Gone


This post is written by: Scott Graham Artistic Director

We had been building quite a lot of relationships in the Far East where our Learn and Train work would see us running workshops and residencies with schools and colleges.

We could see the impact the interaction was having on the students and teachers but what they were missing was access to the live shows and seeing the Frantic Method in action.

An energetic, highly physical show about making the most of our time in the world we live in, This Will All Be Gone was developed to provide that link and was built to fit into a couple of suitcases and visit those partners we had developed in the Far East.

Neil Bettles worked a collaborative performing team of Jess Williams, Jonnie Riordan and Sofie Burgouyne to create a show about our finite time on the planet and our rush to tick off all those experiences, big and small.

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