No Way Back

By Frantic Assembly



Presented by Made in Corby

Made in Corby Consortium: Corby Community Arts, Corby Unit, Groundwork Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership & The Core at Corby Cube

First performed on 9th July 2015 at The Core, Corby Cube

This post is written by: Scott Graham Artistic Director

This was a gorgeous experience. The title refers to the myself and co-director Neil Bettles returning to our home town of Corby to make a piece of work with professionals and local performers.

Neil and I had left many years before and it is always scary going back.

How much have you changed? Do people recognise you as the person you were? Are you still real? Will this experience hold up a mirror to the person I have become? Will I recognise the person I was?

Our show developed along these provocations. Our professional cast were brilliant at supporting and empowering the local cast. The local cast were open and fearless.

The result was one of those special projects where every step in the process was just as important and fulfilling as the end product. There was a lot of love in the air!

It was a return to this more guerrilla approach (Little Dogs) but it was also an opportunity for so much growth within the company and the cast.

The age range of the cast spanned from 16 to 70+ and I think everyone revelled in that experience.