Sometimes Thinking

A new Frantic Assembly Production

Sometimes Thinking is a celebration of the hours invested in daydreaming and fantasising about the people we could have been, the things we should have said, and who we might yet become. What if our private thoughts and visions become more vivid than the world we escape from? What if our inner voices leave our bumbling outer voices behind and strike up their own conversations?

The show will be co-directed by Scott Graham and Frantic Assembly's Associate Director, Simon Pittman, and will feature a curated soundtrack from Underworld, including never-before heard tracks.

Written by: Phil Porter
Directors: Scott Graham & Simon Pittman

Latitude, Henham Park, Suffolk

Frantic Assembly headlines in the theatre arena with a new production written by Phil Porter. Directed by Scott Graham and Simon Pittman.

Sometimes Thinking

National Theatre River Stage

Frantic Assembly takes over the National Theatre River Stage for a weekend of performances, workshops, games and demonstrations with a daily showing of new production, Sometimes Thinking

Sometimes Thinking