Generation Trilogy: Klub

Devised by the Company

1995, 1996, 1997, 1998

Generation Trilogy: Klub


Open-mouthed woman looks to be mid-scream. She's looking to camera; her thumbs pulling her bra straps. Knotted plastic is tangled around her head; and her ears are covered by headphones
This post is written by: Scott Graham Artistic Director

Clubbing and congregating and listening to music of a certain BPM had just become illegal in some instances. This seemed a brutal and paranoid response to club culture.

Klub wanted to explore why people were living for the weekend, why they felt the need to connect with strangers, the emergence of this club-culture/sub-culture.

Woman in pig-tails is sucking a dummy, looking to camera. Shes's holding the plastic faces of two baby dolls to her breasts.

Klub was originally supposed to have a short run at the Edinburgh Fringe. We devised it as a company with collaborator Spencer Hazel and, in doing so developed a style of direct address and using our own personalities as basis for characters that permeated what became the Generation Trilogy (Klub, Flesh and Zero). It was also our first collaboration with DJ Andy Cleeton and choreographer Steve Kirkham.

Interestingly, despite the success of Look Back In Anger, this honest and more personal way of making theatre became our calling card and started to make people sit up and take notice of something different coming out of Swansea.