By Nicola McCartney




Commissioned by The Gantry, Southampton and The Unity, Liverpool

First performed on 13th February 2001 and The Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth

This post is written by: Scott Graham Artistic Director

Hymns was an exhausting tour and both Steven Hoggett and I were desperate for a rest. More than that we were desperate for another perspective on the work.

We had been in every show and wanted to learn more about creating work from the outside. The only we could think of doing that was to create an all-female response to Hymns. That way the company would HAVE to find the money to allow us to just direct. (Having us in the show meant we had a couple of performers for free. You can see the attraction!)

Originally we toyed with the title Hearse (Hymns and Hearse? Geddit?) but even we could not go through with that. We moved away from the idea of it being a direct response to Hymns and, with writer Nicola McCartney, wanted to explore horror and hysteria. So we did.

The title Underworld actually came from the novel by Dom DeLillo rather than from the band. Not that it had anything to do with the novel. I just liked the word and loved the ominous suggestion of what lies beneath.