Frantic 25

Frantic Assembly is 25!

To celebrate our 25th year, we are collecting stories, memories and moments from everyone who has known and loved the company over the last quarter century and we want to hear from you.

Tell us all about the first Frantic Assembly show you saw, the workshop you did that changed your practice, the Frantic show you performed in or how Ignition impacted your life.

We want to hear it all.

Your story could be shared with our social media followers, printed in our annual report or published in a limited edition 25 anniversary book.

Join us in celebrating the last 25 years of Frantic and be a part of the next 25!

Share Your Best Frantic Assembly Stories

Share your memory

Frantic Assembly took over the National Theatre's River Stage on the last weekend of July to officially launch our 25th Anniversary year.

We welcomed Frantic family old and new, celebrated 25 years of thrilling collaborations and looked forward to an exciting future. We think the short trailer above, filmed by Ignition graduate Michael Lynch sums it all up pretty well. Best. Weekend. Ever.

If you were there for any of the weekend, thanks for coming. If not, why not find a reason to hang out with us soon.

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