Online Masterclasses

Our series of Online Masterclasses is designed for artists, practitioners & teachers seeking to develop their practice.

Deepen your understanding of Frantic Assembly's unique approach to creating physical material, generating text and devising within a socially distanced framework.

The workshops will interrogate the following themes:

Planning to Explore - Explore how Frantic approaches Theatre Making and the beginning of devising. The session will look at practical ways Theatre Makers can plan for the unexpected when creating work.

Starting Points for Devising - Explore where ideas come from, and how to develop and select ideas to create work. The session will include how Frantic uses music, images and thoughts as starting points to create Theatre.

Developing a Physical Idea - Investigate the use of set tasks used in the Frantic Method; how they are set up, developed and used to create full scenes in the Frantic shows.

Using Text in Devising - Explore how we can generate text, but also work with writers to action text and the relationship between text and movement.

This workshop is suitable for those who have previously participated in a Frantic Assembly workshop. Suitable for socially distanced learning from home. It will not explore text or vocal exercises.

This is course is designed for participants aged-18+.

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We're especially interested in hearing from underrepresented artists in the industry. You can read our commitment to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion here.

If you have any enquiries, please contact our Learning & Participation Coordinator, [email protected].

"Once again, Frantic Assembly have come up trumps to support the next generation of theatre makers"

Online Workshop Participant

The online training course has given me a new lease of life and got me back into a creative mind. It was so well put together and our Frantic Practitioner Paolo was incredible. I have already started my new project, inspired by the work I saw and did during the training.

Online Training Course Participant